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At Lightning Auto Glass we recommend replacing your windshield wipers every 6 months or 6,000 miles. This regular maintenance often goes overlooked by many vehicle owners. The fact is that most drivers wait far too long to replace their wipers and drive with an obstructed view in rainy conditions. For increased safety while driving make sure your wipers give you a clear view of the road ahead. If you’re having your windshield replaced or repaired, we can swap your old wipers for new ones at the same time and you’ll save money because installation of new windshield wipers purchased from Lightning Auto Glass is free with windshield repair or windshield replacement service.

You know that something is starting to get old if it shows signs of poor quality and performance. So in the case of wipers, there are three basic easy-to-see signs that will tell if it’s time to change wiper blades: sight, sound, and sensation (feel/touch). Replace your wipers immediately if they are not functioning properly.

When Is It Time To Replace My Windshield Wiper Blades?


The purpose of windshield wipers is to keep the windshield clear from anything that obstructs the view by wiping the obstruction from the surface of the windshield. Wipers are used most often for rain, but in some instances it may clear snow and salt debris or remove insects and bird droppings. An old set of wipers will not effectively clean the windshield and could leave smudges or even scratch the surface of your windshield. If your wipers limit the view of the road ahead, it is time to replace them.


The sound of the wipers is easiest to notice and most obvious condition to be aware of. To HEAR that annoying squeak back and forth is a sure sign it is time to replace your wipers.

SENSATION (Feel or Touch)

The “feel” of the wipers is not as easily noticed, but this actually causes both the smudging and the squeaking of the blades. During hot, sunny days the temperature of the windshield increases and so does the temperature of the rubber wiper blades. The softening of the blades from the heat causes the rubber to deform, flattening the tip, and therefore making it ineffective for a full, clean sweep across your windshield. As the temperatures get cooler, the blades could warp as they harden. To increase the longevity of your blades simply raise the wipers during hot days so the wiper blades don’t touch the hot windshield. To determine if the wipers need replacing, check to see if the rubber FEELS rougher and harder than when you first bought the blades.