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A chipped or damaged windshield is not only annoying but it also compromises your safety. Our windshield repair services are always provided by one of our fully trained professionals.

Anytime you get a crack or chip in your windshield, you should repair it right away. The longer you wait for a windshield repair, the more likely that small irritating crack will become a major issue. If the crack spreads, it will eventually make a full windshield replacement necessary.

We can repair a windshield for cracks that are smaller than a quarter and are not on the driver’s side or in the driver’s view to prevent it from cracking any further.  Our professionals can repair your cracked windshield and file any insurance paper work for you in about 30 minutes.

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How Does Windshield Repair Work?

  • Windshield repair involves the injection of a special resin into the damaged area of the windshield using a specially designed tool that attaches directly to the windshield glass. Once injected, this resin is then cured and polished to restore the clarity and strength to the windshield.
  • When a rock chip or crack occurs, it often spreads into the windshield’s inner layer of plastic, which is sandwiched between two layers of glass. In some instances, a drill is used to make a clean passageway to the plastic, where the resin is injected to repair the damage.
  • Think of a windshield repair as first-aid that prevents the windshield damage from getting worse. In some cases the rock chip repair may look nearly perfect, while in others, it could still appear slightly blemished. In either case, a proper windshield repair prevents the damage from spreading.
  • Since every rock chip is unique, some will respond more effectively to an attempted windshield repair than others. A repaired windshield may never look as perfectly clear as a brand new windshield, but a windshield repair will save the vehicle owner a good deal of money. In fact, most insurance companies will even waive the deductible on a windshield repair costing the policy holder virtually nothing out of pocket.
  • Regardless of the size and location of a chip or crack, it’s always advisable to have it repaired quickly. If you wait some time to repair it, dirt can work its way into the damaged area which can alter the effectiveness and clarity of the repair. Of course, whether you need a rock chip repair or a complete windshield replacement, allow the auto glass technicians at Lightning Auto Glass to survey the damage and recommend the safest solution for your auto glass needs.

Don’t put off having your damaged windshield repaired any longer. Call Lightning Auto Glass today!