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Why You Shouldn’t Wait To Repair Damaged Auto Glass

If you spot a crack or chip on your auto glass, don’t wait to have the repairs made. Here are four reasons you should repair damaged auto glass as soon as possible.

Why You Shouldn't Wait To Repair Damaged Auto Glass

1. Your Insurance May Cover The Cost

Depending on your policy, your car insurance may cover some of the cost to fix cracks and scratches in your glass. Some insurance policies may even cover the entire cost of your repair if the damage resulted from an accident. Lightning Auto Glass is approved by all major insurance companies and is networked with them to file your insurance claim for you. Just give our office a call, and we will handle it from there.

2. Waiting Could Make Damage Worse

Repairing your damaged auto glass right away can prevent it from spreading. Allowing a crack or chip to sit in the glass can result in a more expensive repair down the road. You may even need to have replacement glass installed. Repairing auto glass damage is generally less costly than installing a replacement.

3. Limited Road Hazard Warranty

Lightning Auto Glass offers a limited road hazard warranty on all windshield repairs and replacements. Our warranty will cover the repair or replacement of your windshield due to damage received from normal driving conditions. This warranty lasts for as long as you own the vehicle. Click here to read our warranty terms and conditions.

4. Driver Safety & Visibility

Large cracks and chips on a windshield can compromise the structural integrity of the glass. This negatively impacts the windshield’s ability to protect you and your passengers in the event of an accident. Likewise, if the damage is located in the driver’s line of sight, it could decrease their visibility while driving.

Contact Lightning Auto Glass For Repairs

Whether small or large, if you’re dealing with windshield or auto glass damage, you should contact Lightning Auto Glass for repair or replacement as soon as possible. We can often have your vehicle’s repairs completed within the same day as your scheduled appointment. Call our shop at (770) 451-6468 or click here to schedule your appointment.