The car windshield car is more than just a piece of glass. It’s a fantastic piece of technology that serves multiple safety functions in your vehicle. Modern windshields are designed to be resilient against harsh weather and road debris while keeping you and your passengers safe. A cracked or compromised windshield can negate the purposes below, so schedule an auto glass appointment with us for necessary repairs. 

Here are a few purposes of a car windshield.

Purpose of the car windshield

Roof Support & Rollover Protection

One purpose of the car windshield is to provide structural support for your vehicle. The windshield adds strength to your vehicle’s frame and can help prevent your roof from crushing in during a collision or rollover. All windshields are susceptible to fracturing in a rollover, but a properly installed windshield with no existing cracks or rock chips will be less likely to shatter or separate from the frame.

According to the Auto Glass Safety Council, the windshield provides up to 45% of the structural integrity of the vehicle cabin during a front-end collision and up to 60% in a rollover. Rollovers account for roughly a third of auto accident fatalities, with drivers or passengers being thrown from the vehicle. A properly installed windshield will significantly reduce the likelihood of ejection and can help save lives.

Assists with Airbag Deployment

Your airbags would not be able to deploy without a properly installed windshield. Modern-day airbags are designed to inflate upon impact to cushion the impact of a collision. The car windshield acts as a backdrop for the airbag on the inner passenger side of the vehicle and allows the airbag to inflate fully.

If the windshield is not installed correctly, it may get blown off by the force of the airbag coming into contact with it, opening the possibility of injury or death.

Clear Visibility & Protection

One of the more basic purposes of the car windshield, an unobstructed view of the road ahead is essential for the driver. It’s equally important that your car windshield protects you from dirt, rocks, insects, and other flying debris as you drive.

Advanced Safety Feature Cameras

Many advanced safety features, like lane keep assist and forward collision warning, rely on windshield-mounted cameras to function correctly. Your ADAS system uses the feedback from these cameras to help monitor where your vehicle is in relation to your surroundings.

Accurate information is essential for keeping your advanced safety features working. Certain advanced safety features may not operate correctly if your cameras are miscalibrated, or your windshield is not installed correctly. Contact us immediately for an ADAS calibration if you suspect your advanced safety system features are not working correctly. 

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