Lightning Auto Glass

Limited Road Hazard Warranty

The Limited Road Hazard Warranty will cover the repair or replacement of your windshield, due to damage resulting from normal driving conditions, for as long as you own your vehicle. Your windshield will be replaced if it has been damaged beyond repair, in the judgment of Lightning Auto Glass.

This warranty is issued by and will be serviced by Lightning Auto Glass. It is separated from, and in addition to, any warranty that may be provided by the manufacturer of your windshield. This Limited Road Hazard Warranty applies to the original purchaser and is not transferable. In-Shop installation only.

Windshield Repair Service

Warranty Terms & Conditions

Eligibility for covered service under this Limited Road Hazard Warranty requires the following:

1. This Original Warranty
2. The original invoice for the purchase of the covered windshield.
3. The vehicle must be brought to Lightning Auto Glass for the Warranty Work.
Warranty service will not be provided if the above requirements are not met.

If the covered windshield is damaged due to a Road Hazard resulting from normal driving condition as long as the original purchaser owns the vehicle, Lightning Auto Glass will either repair or replace the windshield. Any replacement will be with a comparable windshield not including original equipment parts.

You will be responsible for paying the costs of labor, installation materials such as urethane adhesive, new mouldings and clips if necessary, and any applicable sales tax. This Limited Road Hazard Warranty will not apply to the replacement windshield, unless you purchase a new Limited Road Hazard Warranty for the new windshield.

The following are not covered under this Warranty:

  • Damage due to vandalism, fire or collision
  • Damage related to weather or damage due to catastrophic events
  • Windshields on vehicles used for commercial, racing, or off road purposes.
  • Compensation for lost time, inconvenience, loss of vehicle use, diminution in value to your vehicle, or other consequential damages
  • Mobile Service
  • Cost of installation labor and materials including but not limited to urethane adhesive, new mouldings and clips, if necessary
  • Any applicable sales tax
  • A new Limited Road Hazard Warranty for any replacement windshield installed pursuant to this warranty