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How Cold Weather Affects A Cracked Windshield

Cold weather can negatively affect windshields with cracks or chips in them. We highly recommend repairing your damaged windshield before the damage worsens with colder weather.

Cold Weather Windshield Crack Repair

Why Are Windshields Important?

A secure windshield is crucial to your safety. It protects you and your passengers from dirt, debris, rain, and wind, and it makes up nearly one-third of a vehicle’s structural support. Windshields are especially important in rollover accidents, which can be fatal if the roof collapses.

The structural integrity of a windshield becomes compromised if it suffers damage. A crack or a chip, no matter the size, is cause for concern. When we experience colder temperatures in Atlanta, it’s essential to have your auto glass repaired quickly, so the damage doesn’t get any worse.

What Effect Does Cold Weather Have On Auto Glass?

As temperatures drop, glass expands and contracts. The same is true for your vehicle’s windshield and windows. The expansion and contraction of the glass will cause it to weaken and become more concave. This increases the sensitivity of the glass and makes cracks more likely to appear.

If your windshield already has damage, such as a crack or chip, you may notice the damaged area start to spread horizontally. According to a Motor Industry Research Association study, a windshield crack is 60% more likely to spread when temperatures drop to 32 degrees.

How To Protect Your Windshield This Winter

It doesn’t get frigid often in Atlanta, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be prepared for the occasional dip in degrees. Here are some ways to keep your windshield protected when colder weather is approaching.

  • Replace Your Windshield Wipers – Keep them in good shape and have them inspected during normal oil changes or scheduled maintenance
  • Be Cautious With Your Defrosters – Don’t blow your defrosters directly on your windshield. Instead, aim the airflow toward the floor and increase the heat gradually. Blasting warm air on the inside of the auto glass puts additional stress on the glass when temperatures are much colder on the outside. This will likely lead to increased damage.
  • Keep Washer Fluid Tank Full – Get in the habit of checking windshield washer fluids regularly during winter since they’re used more often in colder weather.

Get Your Cracks and Chips Repaired Immediately

We urge you to repair your cracked or chipped windshield before the damage worsens.  Contact us today to schedule an appointment at our Chamblee location for a thorough inspection.  It’s simply not safe to drive with a damaged windshield in the winter. Don’t delay – contact us to schedule your appointment.