Lightning Auto Glass

There aren’t too many things that are more fun for a car lover than putting down the top of their convertible. Unfortunately, your rear plastic window doesn’t feel the same way. Constant exposure to the sun can make the window become cloudy and opaque over time. The constant motion of the canvas top moving up and down makes the plastic brittle. When this happens you have to replace the window.

Lightning Auto Glass has over 23 years experience replacing and repairing convertible glass in Atlanta. Whether the damage is from vandalism or general “wear and tear”, let Lightning Auto Glass repair or replace the glass in your convertible top. Don’t risk damage to your interior from window leaks. Let the professionals at Lightning Auto Glass fix or repair your window before it becomes a bigger problem.

My Convertible Back Window Is Faded or Cloudy. Now What?

One of the most common complaints of convertible owners is the condition of the rear window. It’s manufactured out of a clear plastic, and as such, it does not have the longevity of a clear glass window. With time and exposure to the elements, the window can become scratched, damaged, or faded.

Although there are websites that demonstrate do-it-yourself convertible back glass repair or replacement, we recommend you only trust professionals to handle your convertible glass needs and the experts at Lightning Auto Glass are simply your BEST choice!