Lightning Auto Glass

Auto Glass Break Ins

Auto break-ins in Metro Atlanta are on the rise. Perpetrators like to target you around sports complexes, parks and shopping malls. Their primary method of attack is to work in teams. They quickly break into several cars at once by breaking your side window with a hammer or tool, snatching your valuables that are in plain sight, and run into the woods or speed off in a waiting car.

Auto Glass Break Ins

Have You Been The Victim Of An Auto Glass Break-In?

If you have been the victim of a break in and your auto glass has been damaged, Lightning Auto Glass is here to help! We can quickly get you in and repair your Auto Glass so you can get back to your busy day. We have the largest selection of auto glass in Metro Atlanta and can quickly match up the right auto glass or windshield for your car. We also have a clean, comfortable waiting room with WiFi, a TV and complimentary refreshments.

Can’t make it to our shop? We also have an optional mobile auto glass service that will come to you at your location to professionally replace and install your auto glass. We always have two technicians on every job to ensure the best possible fit and seal of your window. In addition, they are highly trained in handling complex jobs with newer windows that may have rain sensors or other embedded equipment.

How To Prevent Auto Break-Ins

Forced Auto Entries are usually crimes of opportunity. Criminals do not typically break in to cars that they do not see something of value: Lock your car, take your valuables or hide them to best of your ability under your seat or in your trunk. Try to park in the most visible and public area of the parking lot. Also, hide your valuables before you park at the destination. If criminals see you stash something under the seat, they know you have something of value.