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Auto break-ins in Metro Atlanta are on the rise. Perpetrators like to target you around sports complexes, parks and shopping malls. Their primary method of attack is to work in teams. They quickly break into several cars at once by breaking your side window with a hammer or tool, snatching your valuables that are in plain sight, and run into the woods or speed off in a waiting car.

If you have been the victim of a break in and your auto glass has been damaged, Lightning Auto Glass is here to help! Stop into our Chamblee location for a Free Consultation on both our Auto Glass Replacement and Our Auto Security Film.

LLumar Auto Security Film

Benefits of Auto Security Film

Our auto security film has several advantages of typical window tinting film:

  • Increased security against break-ins and car jackings
  • UV ray protection
  • Internal heat reduction
  • Increased safety in vehicle crashes

Must See Video: See how our security film can deter Break-Ins and Car Jackings. Don’t be a victim.

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