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ADAS Calibration Legislation May Impact The Auto Glass Industry In Effort To Protect the Consumer

On March 11, the Auto Glass Safety Council released a statement that warned the auto glass replacement and repair industry of possible changes to pricing, billing practices, and relationships with consumers and insurance companies. The Auto Glass Safety Council is a non-for-profit organization dedicated to the safe repair and replacement of auto glass. The statement was released in concern of recent state legislative proposals.

The proposed legislation seeks to provide ADAS calibration transparency to the customer while reworking the relationship auto glass shops have with insurance companies and claims adjusters. This could cause concern for auto glass companies that perform or subcontract their ADAS calibration services. 

The bills may vary by state but are primarily based on similar laws passed in Utah in 2021 and 2022 that:

  • Require auto glass repair shops to provide the customer with an itemized description in writing of the work to be performed, the amount the insurance company is paying, and cannot represent that there will be no cost to the customer unless the insurance company has approved the cost.
  • Require auto glass shops to meet or exceed motor vehicle manufacturer specifications and not charge for services not in accordance with those specifications. 
  • Requires auto glass shops to inform the customer if a calibration service was not performed or not successfully performed.
  • Allow an insurer to limit the payment on recalibration to a “fair and competitive price.”
  • Impose possible civil penalties of $500 for each violation of the bill’s provisions. 

Many states, including Arizona, Maryland, and Illinois, are considering passing this legislation. While Georgia has yet to report on adopting these laws, it’s important to still raise awareness of how such legislature could affect our auto glass shop. 

Lightning Auto Glass is located in Chamblee, Georgia. We work with our trusted partner, Insight Vehicle Calibration, to perform ADAS calibration service for customers who recently had a windshield replacement, changed suspension, a wheel alignment, or received a fault code.